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How to use these materials

The Parent-Child Club activities are divided into

  • #1-13, first meeting and sensory-based activities; and
  • #14-25, activities for groups that have been meeting longer.

The topics for each set of activities are found on the List at the beginning of each section. 

The topics do not need to be done in this order. For example, you may choose to skip from #2 to #24. You may choose not to do some of the topics or to repeat some of them. Do the topics in any order that fits your group and your situation.

Each theme or topic includes:

  • Activities
  • Story and singing time
  • Craft time

Activities: fun games to do together. There are several activities listed with each topic. Choose to do as many or as few as you wish. You may choose to do only one of these, to change any of these, or to make up your own.

Story time (& singing). Prepare for this time by having the children and parents sit down somewhere in a respectful way. Make a clear distinction between this and other activities. For instance, say something like, “Now we are going to hear/read a story. We want to be quiet so everyone can hear.” Or if you are leading a faith-based group, you might say, “Now we are going to talk about God.”

Begin each time with the same song. This gives structure and recognition.

Have this part last only as long as the youngest children can concentrate. This means that you might have only 7 minutes for the story.

Suggestions for story time:
Read from a picture book. If none is available in the children’s mother tongue, invite a parent to retell the story in their own language.
OR invite someone from the children’s community to tell an appropriate story. Listen to the story ahead of time to make sure it is suitable.
OR tell a story that fits the children’s local situation. (First think of your goal. Is it to bring attention to something specific, such as knowing how to behave in the family when visitors come? Then make up a story which connects with the local culture.)

Craft time: reinforces the topic. There are several suggestions listed with each topic. Again, choose the ones you want to do. It is not necessary to do all of them. You may decide to do none of them or to make up something yourself.

Again, Activities, Story time and Craft time are suggestions. Do what works for your group, in the order that works best in your situation.

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