Background / History


Davar was developed by a team including experienced educators and child development professionals in Romania and the Netherlands, a literacy consultant with experience in Papua New Guinea as well as Europe, a writer/cultural anthropologist and a free-lance artist.
The goal was to provide exercises to teach pre-reading and pre-writing skills which could be taught by anyone in any setting.
Few materials are required.
Little or no teaching experience is needed.

Who Uses Davar

Though the impulse to create Davar came from a felt need among Romany educators, the program has successfully been used in various places for a variety of different people.

To date, Davar has been used for:

  • special-needs children from slum neighborhoods (Brazil)
  • immigrants/refugees who are learning to read in a different language with a different script (Germany)
  • second-language preschool for immigrant children (Spain)
  • children’s club for Romany (Roma) children (Romania)
  • teaching a new language to children and adults (the Netherlands, Germany, USA)
  • Bible clubs, parent-child meetings, physiotherapy, and home-schooling.
Do You Use Davar?

Please contact us with your suggestions and experiences. DAVAR continues to be a work in progress!

Created by Marleen Schönthaler with M. Fast, A. Ivan Molla and M. van Rheenen.
Illustrated by Ellen Holmes.
Edited by Annelies Barth 

Linked-In: Annelies Barth, interpreter and author.

Linked-In: Marleen Schönthaler, curriculum development and coach.