E. Feeling and Drawing


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E2 Blindfold Copy (drawing lines blindfolded)

Skills practiced: fine motor skills; pre-writing skills; learning to see visual differences (pre-writing)

Needed: Gather items needed

Items needed: Paper, pencils, clothes to use as blindfolds.

One student draws a line on a sheet of paper. Another follows along the line with their index finger. Then he/she takes a pencil and a sheet of paper. He/she closes his/her eyes or is blindfolded and tries to imitate the line on his/her own paper. Students may work in pairs or small groups for this activity or, for a small group, the blackboard may be used. Once the blindfolded student opens their eyes, they can see how well they succeeded in copying the first line.

Repeat, with the lines drawn having more curves and angles as the game continues.


E3 Three Decorations

(Drawing creative patterns; pattern = repeated decorative design) Skills practiced: fine motor skills; discerning visual differences, creativity

Needed: Make very simple sample of activity. Divide sheets of paper into three parts (fold?)

Items needed: Paper and pencils.

Students design a pattern on each of the three parts of their sheet of paper. The pattern fills up the entire space. Before beginning, possibly discuss with the students what different types of patterns they might make. Each pattern should be totally different, preferably using a different drawing technique (dots; nice wrinkles or waves; lines). If necessary, show the very simple sample prepared in advance.


E4 Feel the Rhythm

Check whether it is okay to touch someone’s leg. May need to tap students on the arm, back, hand, or shoulder instead.

Tap a rhythm on someone’s leg. Let him repeat it on another person’s leg, and so on, all around the circle. When the rhythm reaches the last person in the circle, have them tap it on the leg of the first person. Has the rhythm changed?