About us


All around the world there are children–and adults–who want to learn to read.
But some of them have missed out on learning the skills needed to become literate.
All around the world there are people who want to help these children—and adults– but need resources to do that.

Are you one of these people?
This is something that can help.

DAVAR: Bridging to literacy


  • Teaches skills needed for reading, writing, and math
  • Requires little or no materials
  • May be added to an existing program
  • Can be taught in any language by anyone in any setting.

Activities include:

START GAMES—games that teach thinking, listening, and fine motor skills needed to learn to read, write, and do math. Start Games can be used for any age group or any educational level.

MATH GAMES — games which teach slightly more advanced math skills.

PARENT CHILD CLUB — activities for parents and children to do together. Very young children learn skills like sitting still, concentrating, taking turns. Parents practice interacting with children and teaching them in the language they use at home.

DAVAR was developed by a team including preschool educators in Romania and the Netherlands, a literacy consultant with experience in Papua New Guinea as well as Europe, a cultural anthropologist from North America, and a free-lance artist.

Few materials are required.011
Little or no teaching experience is needed.

Take a look at the Introductory Packet to get a feel for Davar or browse among the different sorts of exercises.

Let us know your experiences, suggestions, and needs.
Learning to read, to write, to do math, can open a world of opportunities.
Here’s to helping more people—all around the world—do just that!